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Welcome to the Global Financial Institute

Global Financial Institute was launched in November 2011. It is a new-concept think tank that seeks to foster a unique category of thought leadership for professional and individual investors by effectively and tastefully combining the perspectives of two worlds: the world of investing and the world of academia. While primarily targeting an audience within the international fund investor community, Global Financial Institute’s publications are nonetheless highly relevant to anyone who is interested in independent, educated, long-term views on the economic, political, financial, and social issues facing the world.

To accomplish this mission, Global Financial Institute’s publications combine the views of Deutsche Asset & Wealth Management's investment experts with those of leading academic institutions in Europe, the United States, and Asia. Many of these academic institutions are hundreds of years old, the perfect place to go to for long-term insight into the global economy. Furthermore, in order to present a well-balanced perspective, the publications span a wide variety of academic fields from macroeconomics and finance to sociology.

Deutsche Asset & Wealth Management invites you to check the Global Financial Institute offering regularly for white papers, interviews, videos, podcasts, and more from Deutsche Asset & Wealth Management’s Co-Chief Investment Officer Asoka Woehrmann, Chief Economist Johannes Mueller, and distinguished professors from institutions like the University of Cambridge, the University of California Berkeley, the University of Zurich and many more, all made relevant and reader-friendly for investment professionals like you.