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Deutsche Asset & Wealth Management’s dedicated loans and deposits specialists work with relationship managers and their clients to create unique cash management solutions as well as bespoke lending solutions. Clients with specific liquidity management requirements can benefit from the broad range of products and services the Deutsche Asset & Wealth Management business can offer. These solutions can range from simple on-balance sheet deposits with Deutsche Bank, supported by its strong, stable balance sheet, through to unique solutions that allow clients to marry their individual liquidity requirements with diversification of counterparty risk and mitigation of currency risk.

We also offer a wide selection of customised lending solutions which allow our clients to increase their liquidity and be ready to take immediate advantage of opportunities whenever they arise. Whether the goal is short-term liquidity or an enhanced return on an investment borrowing against liquid collateral can help to achieve your objectives. Lending facilities can also allow you to move quickly into financial markets without having to liquidate existing assets in order to do so.

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When short-term financial needs arise, borrowing against an investment portfolio is often preferable to liquidating assets and disrupting a well-conceived financial strategy. Deutsche AWM structured lending specialists offer standard and customized lending solutions that address the unique financing needs of high-net-worth individuals, family offices, trusts and partnerships. Credit offerings include commercial and residential real estate loans and structured loans.

Our lending specialists are among the most experienced and innovative in the industry. A dedicated lending professional works with each client throughout the entire financing process, seamlessly coordinating all the components of what is typically a complex and multifaceted transaction.

Deutsche AWM also provides competitive financing solutions on a global platform – in multiple currencies where desired. In addition to marketable securities, loans can be secured by a variety of traditional and non-traditional assets, such as hedge fund interests, fine art, aircraft or commercial and residential real estate.

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Loans | Deutsche Asset & Wealth Management

Deutsche AWM’s Loan & Deposit Products team are the specialists responsible for the suite of short term cash and liquidity management solutions. Deutsche Asset & Wealth Management is a global financial services provider with solutions for all types of institutional and private clients. We offer the full range of deposit products in all major currencies as well as tailor-made solutions based on our clients’ investment guidelines, risk appetite and personal preferences. For this we leverage the broad knowledge and expertise of Deutsche AWM and other parts of the Deutsche Bank Group. Our ambition is to conserve value despite the challenging low yield environments all around the world.

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Deposits | Deutsche Asset & Wealth Management


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