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Deutsche Asset & Wealth Management believes in active investment management and uses deep market expertise to create innovative solutions for our clients, investing assets worldwide.


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Deutsche Asset & Wealth Management provides transparent and cost-effective passive investment products to institutional and private investors.


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As one of the world’s largest managers of alternative investments, Deutsche Asset & Wealth Management is designing and managing various investment solutions.

Loans & Deposits

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Within Deutsche Asset & Wealth Management, dedicated cash and liquidity management specialists create compelling liquidity management solutions.

Loans & Deposits

Represented in eight locations, Deutsche Asset & Wealth Management's Cash & Liquidity Management team provide a full suite of cash and near-cash solutions. Clients with specific liquidity management requirements can benefit from this broad range of products and services.

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Deutsche Asset & Wealth Management offers our clients a banking, investment management and fiduciary platform that delivers proprietary and open architecture solutions of superior quality.

"As one team we are united in the pursuit of our common goal: to deliver lasting value for our clients."

Michele Faissola,
Head of Deutsche Asset
& Wealth Management

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Market Data

DB Index Indications
Last Update: November 27, 2015 - 0:00 CET

DAX11,305+1.38 %
ESTOXX 503,490+1.04 %
Dow Jones17,865+0.28 %
NASDAQ 1004,695+0.44 %
S&P 5002,098+0.38 %
Nikkei 22520,015+0.53 %
DB share priceEUR 24.22+0.87 %

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